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Our 27th Annual Purple Tea Event

For 27 years, The Charmettes of Treasure Coast has been hosting their annual Purple Tea as a fundraiser to help eradicate cancer and build awareness among our community. This year, we honored survivors with sashes, distributed informational flyers, and invited a pathologist to speak. Adding a Pathologist as the speaker added a valuable dimension to the event, as he shared insights into the science behind cancer, advancements in research, and the importance of early diagnosis. The expertise of our speaker was able to dispel myths and misconceptions surrounding the disease while empowering attendees with the knowledge to make proactive steps for their health. This fundraiser, hosted by The Charmettes of Treasure Coast, significantly impacted the fight against cancer through fundraising efforts and community education. Thank you to all our participating sponsors and attendees, Muffy Charles (singer), Fort Pierce Westwood Orchesis Ensemble Dancers, Dr. Bennett (speaker), American Cancer Society, and Friends after Diagnosis. For more information, please see below.


Our Entertainment

Our musical selections came from Muffy Charles. Ms. Charles is a singer and songwriter currently located in the Treasure Coast. She sings through genres of gospel, blues, jazz, and so much more.

Ms. Charles, we thank you for your commitment and dedication.

For almost a decade, we have always been able to depend on The Fort Pierce Westwood Academy Orchesis Ensemble. Three young ladies under the leadership of Melanie Wynn graced us with two dance selections. They are dependable, and we can always look forward to their entertainment as they never duplicate.


The Speaker

This year, we were very fortunate to have Dr. J. Bennett, M.D., Ph. D., a resound scientific medical director from Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Bennett shared many risk factors for breast

cancer. We have had marvelous speakers through the years, but they have yet to provide diagrams and a breakdown of what occurs during multiple diagnoses. We thank him and his

sponsors for the education we received on such a special occasion.


American Cancer Society/Friends After Diagnosis

Since day one of our annual Purple Tea, The American Cancer Society has always been there to provide information about resources in the community. Educational flyers were distributed to spread awareness, update factual statistics, and some know hows that can be found within our community. In addition to the American Cancer Society, we are always graced with Friends After Diagnosis. Carolyn Nelson discussed some survival tips many women need during and after diagnosis. Both of these organizations have been an asset to our Annual Purple Tea as they, too, add to our education and peace of mind to help eradicate cancer.


Thank you to all of our guests, and we hope to see you next year in March of 2025.


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